Greece / Ionian Sea April and May 2022

The first testsail after 1000hrs of maintainance and repair on the hard. Last month 15hrs working days 7 days a week. The reward was appropriate – Too Wild is fast and became a beauty.

Greece / Round Pelepones across the Agean Sea  – September 2022

On the way around the Pelepones we anchored on the island Proti below a monastery, dove an old wrack there and discovered the beautiful Voidokilias anchorage with the overlooking castle. Kiting in nearby Pylos bay was not the best because of changing winds. Further south the old villages of Methoni and Koroni both had impressive fortifications and good restaurants. Our next kitspot at Elafonisos Island was beautiful but again difficult because of too little wind.

With almost no wind we rounded the feared Cape Malea and sailed straight to Island Milos in the Agean sea which offered the most beautiful anchorages – Kleftiko and Sikia (with spectacular blue grottos). Kitesurfing in Milos was nice but not too windy again.

Further east the islands Folegandros and Sikinos both had an old town (Chora) out of a movie in middle of unbelievable landscapes.

At the island Iraklia we dove an airplane wreck from WW2 and at the island Schinoussa we found beside good food some nice rock climbing.

On the way to Paros we stopped at a blue lagoon at Pantieronisi and had some kitesurfing in Paros again with little wind.

After my Kite crew left the wind picked up and on the way east we struggled to sail at all. Some kiting at Koufonisia and some climbing at the island Amorgos both with beautiful old towns with colourful flowers and white houses and excellent restaurants.

We spent one night on the desserted island Levitha and then sailed to Kalymnos and enjoyed the unique rockclimbing on stalagtites and overhangs.

At Leros island north of Kalymnos we anchored at a beautiful Venezian town and explored the castle on the hilltop and the 7 windmills.

On the way to Kos we stopped in Kalymnos again to do some deepwater soloing (climbing) in Vathys bay and explored some cool caves at Pserimos island.

Kos was the turning point and the wind blew with almost 30 knots for the next 2 weeks. We struggled to sail back to Messolonghi and stopped in Kalymnos again for more climbing and to wait for less wind. Sailing wise this trip was challenging – fortunately we had not too much damages and a seaworthy crew. Beside highlights we already knew like Milos and Amorgos we discovered beautiful Ios island, and the Blue Bay anchorage at Poliegos island with the bluest water imaginable. At Sarakiniko beach at Milos with the famous white rocks we dove a cargo wreck and had a deliceous dinner at the Chora including sunset just in time. Back on the Pelepones we explored the best rock climbing spot ever – Vlychada – right on the beach with perfect stalagtite climbing and seaview.

Further south the weather allowed for a stopover at the medival town Monemvasia – some people say the most beautiful town in all Greece. Again no wind around the feared Cape Malea and a nice dive at the nearby wreck Ismail Hakki. Good sailing for the next view days with spinaker and moderate winds with one big thunderstorm and one rainy day on our way north. We arrived in time in Messolonghi after after sailing more then 1000miles.