Food and Provisioning

We leave it to our crew to manage this important issue of the sail but always assist. On arrival the crew shops for food and drinks. Stephie and me assist with advice on what is best bought in respect of durabillity and quantity. We try to buy as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Although we have 2 fridges we try to buy not too much meat as it is not durable for more than a view days. We try to fish as we sail or hunt lobsters wherever we can.

Must have and durable for weeks are  potatoes, lentils, beans, eggs, noodles, rice, onions, carrots, cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes and lettuce.

For breakfast if not available pre-mixed we mix cereals / müsli ourselves with oats, cornflakes, raisins or other dried fruits and nuts.

For lunch its normally too hot to cook a warm meal which is why most of the times we have salad / lettice, bread, cheese etc.

For dinner we recommend cooking something simple and fast (which does not mean bad)  instead of running the stove for hours and heating up the boat.

The crew takes turns cooking. We recommend a 2 person cooking team. The others always relieve the cooks cleaning dishes – everybody supports.