Route & Timeplan

Join us as crew member!

We offer the opportunity to get a taste of our lifestyle and sail with us to remote paradises in the Caribean! Regardless of your sailing experience you can join us and share our tour around the world for a limited time and without financial risks.

The costs to maintain Wild Too are pretty high  – annually about 25.000€ for maintenance.  This is why I have to ask from my crew a cost contribution. Please inquire the actual rate by mail. Crew visiting again get a 10% discount.

Fuel will be covered by me. Provisioning is done by the crew together on the departure day – we will assist but not be involved if not needed.

These contributions do not cover my costs at all but help me to keep running. I hope for your understanding. I believe that our cost share is fair since our crew can enjoy sailing with an exceptional boat and enjoy our lifestyle for a limited time without financial risk but contribute a little to costs.

For more details please email

Corona update: In case I can not arrive at the meeting point or have to cancel for some unexpected reason I will return the downpayment in full. If you can not arrive we can take your downpayment for another sail. In any case please have cancellation insurance. If you do not feel like travelling and have to cancel you can get your downpayment and I my lost costshare back. Official cancelation reason must be something else than Covid related things of cause. (Mastercard cold for example includes such a cancellation insurance or get a separate one for about 100us)

Route- and timeplan Wild Too

Regardless of your sailing experience you can join us on the following passages and stopovers: (all passages below can be combined)

Time and Routeplan Wild Too 2021 Overview:

We cover the most beautiful islands of the med in 4 trips a 2 weeks with a ballanced amount of sailing, adventures like snorkeling and freediving my favourite med. sites like Grotta Nero, Grotta Azul as well as beautiful island villages with nice hiking opportunities on the islands (vulcano Stromboli). The Sardenia trip should offer a view good kiting days in the street of Bonifacio.

10.August  to 23. August – Spain, Valencia  via Mallorca to Menorca:

23.August to 6.September – Spain, Menorca (Mahon) to Italy, Sardenia (Olbia)

6.September to 20. September – Italy, Sardenia (Olbia) via Ponza, Ischia and Capri to Sicilly (Palermo)

20.September to 4. October – Italy, Sicilly (Palermo) via Lipari Islands to Greece, (Athens)

4 October to 18.October – Boatwork

Wild Too Details Summerplan August to October 2021:

10.August  to 23. August Spain – Valencia via Islas Columbretes to  Mallorca to Menorca:

This is a sail with not too much sailing but focus on exploring the Baleares islands Mallorca and Menorca with lots of beautiful anchorages, possibilities to eat out and nice suba and freediving and lots of Medeteranean flair.

We meet in Valencia Pobla Marina  and after crossing to the Baleares (if the weather allows we stop for a night at the marine reserve Islas Columbretes) and then sail several days along the northcoast of Malorca with many stops at beauiful anchorages like Deia, Port Soller, Cala Calobra and Pollensa. There are many options for hikes and spectacular freediving or scubadiving  through arches and grottos. We continue to sail to Menorca with more sepectacular anchorages and freediving and end up in the main town Mahon were we can taste the good local gin. From Menorca there are Ryan Air flights for less than 30 Euros back to Valencia. Valencia has a large international airport with various direct flights from most German regions – for example (Studgart-Eurowings) or Vienna via Zuerich with Swiss / Lufthansa ( i paid form y tour retour ticket Valencia to Vienna only 130e) From the US ist best to fly via Madrid or other hubs serving Valencia.

23.August to 6.September – Spain, Menorca (Mahon) to Italy, Sardenia (Olbia)

This is a sail with a lot of nice anchorages, moderate amount of sailing (mostly daysailing from anchorage to anchorage) and the option to kitesurf on some of European best spots in Sardenia (Port Pollo)

This sail starts in Menorca (Mahon) which can be reached from Vallencia with Ryan Air or with direct flights from other European towns. We will visit some nice anchorages in Menorca and wait for good wind before crossing 200nm to Sardenia. In Sardina with will sail on the Westcoast up north and visit Grotta Nereo (a spectacular underwater cave for scubadiving) and the beautiful town Alghero and then sail around the north cape of Sardenia to Porto Liscia (Port Pollo) which is a well known kite spot with often very strong winds in the street of Bonifaco. Who has a kite can bring it and try kiting there, On the way to our final stop Olbia (main town of Sardenia with good flight connections) we can visit Bonnifacio in Corsica and the islands Spargi, La Madalena and Caprera.

6.September to 20. September – Italy, Sardenia (Olbia) via Islands Pontine, Ischia, Capri and Ustica to Italy, Sicilia (Palermo)

On this sail we visit some of the most secret islands of the med (super small, and hard to get to and therefore off the beaten tourist path).

We meet in Olbia the main town of Sardenia with good flight connections. We will at least sail 350nm in total. First stop are the Pontine islands were we can check out  small villages, taste local wine and check out roman structures. Last time I visited in September were almost no tourists and people were very friendly. On the way south we can stop at Ischia and Capri. In Ustica (a very small island  north of Palermo)  we will have some of the best snorkeling or diving in the med and can check out the beautiful small village. Final stop is in Palermo the main town of Sicilia with good international flight connections.

20.September to 4. October – Italy, Sicilia (Palermo) via Lipari Islands to Greece, (Athens)

 With 360nm to sail this is our summersail with most miles but also with a lot of nice anchorages, towns and villages to discover. We meet at Palermo, Sicilias main town with the international airport. Next stop is the little town Cefalu were we can check out a beautiful castle. The Lipari Islands Lipari, Vulcano, Stromboli and Salina are famous for vulcanic activity. There is also nice snorkeling and diving. We can do a guided tour to the crater of the Stromboli vulcano which is still active or see the erruptions from the sea. We cross the street of Messina with a possible stopover in Messina and sail 230nm to Greece. In Greece we pass the chanel of Korinth to Athens from were you can depart.

4 October to 18.October – Boatwork

If you are interrested you can life on the boat for free and help me with some preparation for the winter. The boat will be hauled out, new Antifouling, engine and sail maintainance and some cosmetic and cleaning work.