Route & Timeplan

Join us as crew member!

We offer the opportunity to get a taste of our lifestyle and sail with us to remote paradises in the Caribean! Regardless of your sailing experience you can join us and share our tour around the world for a limited time and without financial risks.

The costs to maintain Too Wild  are pretty high  – annually about 25.000€ for maintenance.  This is why I have to ask for a cost contribution from my crew. Although prices increase dramatically everywere our costshare will remained unchanged now for 12 years. Crew visiting again get a 10% discount.

Fuel will be covered by me. Provisioning is done by the crew together on the departure day – we will assist but not be involved if not needed.

These contributions do not cover my costs at all but help me to keep running. I hope for your understanding. I believe that our cost share is fair since our crew can enjoy sailing with an exceptional boat and enjoy our lifestyle for a limited time without financial risk.

For more details please email

Corona update: In case I can not arrive at the meeting point or have to cancel for some unexpected reason I will return the downpayment in full. If you can not arrive we can take your downpayment for another sail. In any case please have cancellation insurance. If you do not feel like travelling and have to cancel you can get your downpayment and I my lost costshare back. Official cancelation reason must be something else than Covid related things of cause. (Mastercard gold for example includes such a cancellation insurance or get a separate one for about 100e)

Route- and timeplan Too Wild 2023

2023 we will sail in the Ionian Sea. Starting and endpoint of theese 2 week sails will be Messolonghi Marina near Patras with direct and inexpansive bus connections from Athens, Prevezza or Patras, which are the main airports of the area. It allows us to acess the beautiful Ionian islands as well as the gulf of corinth.   Possible adventures on theese sails beside sailing are freediving, rock climbing, hiking and kitesurfing. The focus will always be on the sailing part.

We will revisit the best spots we found on our tour last year and discover more. Possible highlights in the golf of Corinth are the roman harbour Nafpaktos (Lepanto), Varasova – a beach anchorage underneath a 800m rockcliff with sport climbing oportunities and my absolute favourite anchorage Scrofabeach near Oxia island with a beautiful beach, the best but still secret restaurant in the area and lots of freediving and kitesurfing. Further north in the Ionian sea we can discover the islands Kefalonia and Lefkas with highlights like Fiskardo also called the Greek Monaco, Agios Nikolaos – a endless beach landscape only accessible by catamaran and perfect for kitesurfing or the ancient village of Asos with its beautiful castle. Often we will have the opportunity to enjoy the inexpansive and good  local cuisine in one of the beautiful fishing villages.

05.June – 19.June: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi
26.June – 10.July: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi
10.July – 24.July: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi
31.July – 14.August: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi
21.August – 4.September: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi
4.September – 18.September: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi
18.September – 2.October: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi
2.October – 16.October: Ionian Sea, Starting and Endpoint is Messolonghi

Ad Sailing: I like to share the catamaran experiance I gathered on 2 circumnavigations and more than 80tsd miles. We start with safety instructions and a sailing course. Regardless if you are a novice or pro – you will be able to handle the sails and take your shifts. If needed for a sailing license I can confirm the milage we sailed, which will be between 200 and 400nm.

Ad Freediving: If the crew is interested we can make a little freedive course and training. On the westside of the islands we can explore several blue grottos which are perfect for freediving. Last year we encountered a monkseal in one of theese caves. Best is to bring your own fins, mask and snorkel although I do have equipment i can borrow you. Weights and belts are at the boat.

Ad Kiting: In summertime in the Ionian sea there is a nice westerly breeze of 15 to 20kn perfect for kitsurfing normally starting in the afternoon. Especially in the Gulf of Corinth this wind is reinforced by the high mountains bordering the gulf. There are some of Europes best kitespots in the Gulf of Corinth like Drepano, Raches, Dioni or Agios Nicolaous plus other spots, we can visit. Everybody who brings his own gear and is able to kite windward will have lots of fun. I use a 11m2 and a 14m2 kite and am around 70 kilos.

Ad Hiking and climbing: Varasova with its 800m high mountain invites for hiking and some very good rockclimbing. If you want to try climbing – there is equipement at the boat. Best is to bring your own climbing shoes or hiking shoes.