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We offer the opportunity to get a taste of our lifestyle and sail with us to remote paradises in the Caribean and the Med! Regardless of your sailing experience you can join us and share our tour around the world for a limited time and without financial risks.

The costs to maintain Too Wild  are pretty high  – annually about 25.000€ for maintenance.  This is why I have to ask for a cost contribution from my crew. Although prices increase dramatically everywere our costshare will remain unchanged now for 12 years. Crew visiting again get a 10% discount.

Fuel will be covered by me. Provisioning is done by the crew together on the departure day – we will assist but not be involved if not needed.

These contributions do not cover my costs at all but help me to keep running. I hope for your understanding. I believe that our cost share is fair since our crew can enjoy sailing with an exceptional boat and enjoy our lifestyle for a limited time without financial risk.

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Route- and timeplan Too Wild 2024/25

Detailed descriptions of the trips are at the bottom of the text!

It is hard to say good bye to Greece and the beautiful Ionian Islands. The beautiful fishing villages and all the nice hiking, climbing, freediving and kitespots became a second home to me.

This is why I choose to sail once more in the Ionion sea between April and June 2024 and revisit the best spots we found the past view years, before we set sail to the Caribean.

April 15 – April 29: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)
April 29 – May 13: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)
May 13 – May 27: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)
May 27 – June 10: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)

August 24 the sailing adventure through the med via Sicily, the Lipari- and Egadien Islands, Sardenia and the Baleares starts. The sails are planned in a way that we have at least half time to discover the islands and have fun doing other adventures. The airports at the meeting points Palermo, Valencia or Malaga offer international flights to most countries.

August 19 – September 2: Crossing the Ionian Sea via the Aeolian Islands to Sicily
September 2 – September 16: Sicily, Egadi Islands via Sardinia to the Balearic Islands
September 16 – September 30: Island hopping in the Balearic Islands and to Malaga

October we start with the transatlantic sails. First and second passage are perfect for crew who wants to do activities other than sailing as well. On the 800nm passage from the med to the Canary islands or from Canary islands to Capverdian islands will be at least half time available to enjoy the islands above and undder the water. November we have planned to do islandhopping on the beatiful Capverdian islands before the final transatlantic passage starts.

September 30 – October 14: Atlantic Crossing Part 1: Malaga to the Canaries with island exploration
October 21 – November 4: Atlantic Crossing Part 2: Canaries to Cape Verde with island exploration
November 4 – November 18: Island hopping in Cape Verde
November 18 – December 2: Atlantic Crossing Cape Verde to Martinique

December 2024 we enjoy the lesser Antillies, Martinique, Bequia, St. Lucia and the Grenadines Tobago Keys, St. Vincent and Union Island. For the passages to the West Caribean we choose to sail the southern route via ABC Islands, Columbia and San Blas, Panama. Theese sails offer a good balance between sailing and island exploration.  On the Island San Blas and Bay islands we planned two trips in each area with focus on island hopping and adventures. There are good flight connections to Panama City or to Roatan (Bay Islands) via the US.

December 2 – December 9: Dream bays of the southern Lesser Antilles
December 9 – December 23: Grenadines
December 23 – January 6: From the Antilles to island hopping in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao)
January 6 – January 20: Rarely visited Caribbean gem, Colombia
January 20 – February 3: Colombia and the island paradise of San Blas
February 3 – February 17: Island paradise San Blas
February 17 – March 3: Panama to the Bay Islands via the islands of San Andres and Providencia
March 3 – March 17: Island hopping in the Bay Islands Roatan and Utila (Honduras)
March 17 – March 31: Bay Islands and sailing adventure into the inland of Guatemala/Rio Dulce

A good sailing trip on Too Wild always includes not only sailing but also as many adventures as possible and an active vacation. On most trips, we visit top freedive/snorkeling areas and there will be lots of hiking opportunities. On some trips we have the chance to kitesurf at world class kitespots. For kitesurfing you will have to bring your own equipment and basic skills. No worries for non-kiters! We won’t hang around the kite spots waiting for wind forever but will integrate the adventures into the sailing days. As always, we’re at a different beautiful anchorage every day, exploring the islands. Especially on the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, and Cape Verde trips, there are beautiful hiking routes – bring your hiking shoes!
Feel free to contact me via email at or WhatsApp at +4367762081322 if you have any questions. I’ve sailed to and visited all these destinations and have a good idea of what to expect. I’m happy to help you find the voyage that meets your expectations.

Detailed Description of Cruises 2024/2025

April, May, and June: Ionian Islands and Gulf of Patras

In April, May, and June, we will sail in the deep blue and peaceful Ionian Sea. Our routes will be in the area of the islands of Zakynthos, Lefk as, Ithaka, and Kefalonia, as well as the Gulf of Patras and along the Peloponnese. During this time, we’ll have perfect wind conditions, and it won’t be too hot. In the early afternoon, we expect reliable west winds reaching up to 20 knots, calming down completely in the evenings for peaceful nights. In the mornings or when the Meltemi in the Aegean is strong, the east wind will help us sail northwest.

Over the past two years, this area has been our adventure playground, discovering numerous sport climbing crags and kite spots that we plan to revisit. Each day promises a different beautiful anchorage! We’ll visit picturesque fishing villages with medieval fortifications and enjoy the affordable Greek cuisine and famous hospitality in idyllic bays. Messolonghi, three hours by the affordable bus (25e) from Athens, serves as both the starting and ending point. Attached is a bus schedule from the two main airports, Athens and Preveza (Aktio), to Messolonghi (where the boat is). Depending on the wind, we may visit highlights in the Gulf of Corinth, such as the Roman harbor of Lepanto (Nafpaktos) with a castle and a beautiful city, as well as kite spots, Varasova, a dream beach under an 800m high cliff with a freshwater spring, the best fish restaurant in Greece, sport climbing opportunities, and another top kite spot, Scrofabeach, my personal favorite with a taverna and the top kite spot Dionis.


April 2024 to June 2024 Schedule:

– April 15 – April 29: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)
– April 29 – May 13: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)
– May 13 – May 27: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)
– May 27 – June 10: Ionian Sea (Zakynthos, Lefkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, Peloponnese)


From Mid-August: Sailing Adventure through the Mediterranean to the Caribbean

In mid-August, a grand sailing adventure awaits. With a heavy heart, we leave Greece, enticed by the prospect of spending winter in the warmth of the Caribbean. We’ll traverse the Mediterranean with stops in Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, Sardinia, and the Balearic Islands, passing through the Strait of Gibraltar to cross the Atlantic. The Atlantic crossing is divided into three segments, offering shorter passages (800nm) for those who prefer island hopping (Canaries or Cape Verde). Too Wild is equipped for bluewater sailing with EPIRB, life raft, Iridium Satphone, AIS and radar, spinnaker, and genaker. It will be my fifth transatlantic crossing from East to West and I like to share the experiance gained from previous trips.


August 19 – September 2: Crossing the Ionian Sea from Greece to Sicily and Island Hopping in the Aeolian Islands – 425nm

In addition to crossing the Ionian Sea, experiencing the feeling of bluewater sailing, this trip includes island hopping to the Aeolian Islands Vulcano, Lipari, and Stromboli. Known not only for clear waters and freediving opportunities but also for their active volcanoes above and underwaterr, visible while snorkeling or from the boat. In Sicily, we can visit picturesque cities such as Scilla and Cefalu. The navigation challenge will be sailing through the Strait of Messina, where strong winds and currents require careful planning.


September 2 – September 16: Island World of Western Sicily, Southern Sardinia, and Crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea to Menorca – 460nm

On this trip, we can explore the Egadi Islands (Maritimo, Favignana, Levanzo, and Formica) off the northwest coast of Sicily and sail from one dream bay to another. There’s also a top kite spot in the Stagnone Lagoon and at Capo Feto in Sicily. Crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea, we’ll explore the islands of San Antioco and San Pietro at the southern tip of Sicily, with kiteboarding possibilities in the Matzaccara Lagoon. The final leg ends in Menorca, in the beautiful medieval city of Mahon.


September 16 – September 30: Island Hopping in the Balearic Islands and Crossing the Western Mediterranean – Menorca via Mallorca to Malaga – 470nm

During this cruise, we’ll explore the Balearic Islands of Menorca, Mallorca, and Ibiza, with opportunities for freediving, hiking, and climbing. Depending on the weather, Pont de en Gil arch in Menorca with the large underwater stalactite cave and the Blue Grotto near Port de Soller, Port Soller itself, and the old town of Deja are on the itinerary. There are sport climbing opportunities in Port Soller. After island hopping, we’ll cross the Mediterranean to Malaga, with possible stops on the southern coast of Spain, such as Grenada, accessible by bus from Motril.


September 30 – October 14: Atlantic Crossing Part 1: Malaga – Gibraltar – Canaries (Tenerife, St. Cruz) – 780nm

This trip is perfect for an introduction to bluewater sailing. We’ll be within reach of the coast, but the vastness of the Atlantic will be felt as we won’t see land for about 5 days. The onboard routine of watchkeeping, sail maneuvers, fishing, cooking, and relaxation makes the passage enjoyable. We’ll have some time to visit the Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife and possibly the neighboring island of La Gomera.


October 21 – November 4: Atlantic Crossing Part 2: Canaries (Tenerife) – Cape Verde (Sal) – 770nm

Similar to the first part, this segment is suitable for those new to bluewater sailing. While staying within reach of the coast, the vastness of the Atlantic will be felt as we won’t see land for about 6 days. The onboard routine and the crossing will be enjoyable, and we’ll have some time to visit the island of Sal in the Cape Verde archipelago or sail to the neighboring island of Boa Vista. In Sal, there are beautiful snorkeling and freediving spots, along with excellent kiteboarding opportunities.


November 4 – November 18: Island Hopping in Cape Verde (Sal, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vincente, Santo Antao)

During this leg, we’ll hop from one dream bay to another, exploring numerous snorkeling spots with abundant marine life. The northern Cape Verde islands of Sao Nicolau, Sao Vincente, and Santo Antao boast impressive mountainous landscapes, some of which can

be climbed via the Levada paths (old irrigation channels). It’s advisable to bring hiking shoes. Sao Vincente and Sal are ideal for kitesurfing. The main airport is on Sal, our meeting point, and the departure is from Mindelo on the island of Sao Vincente, where the best option is a budget domestic flight back to Sal.


November 18 – December 2: Atlantic Crossing Part 3: Cape Verde (Mindelo) – Martinique (Fort de France) – 2100nm

Many wonder what one does during such an ocean crossing and if it gets boring. The days blur together – the onboard routine of watchkeeping, sail maneuvers, cooking, fishing, and relaxation provides ample time for enjoyment and avoids boredom. With the Equatorial current and the typically reliable trade winds, we should cover the 2000nm in approximately 14 days. We’ll have some time to snorkel and relax in Martinique. Given the uncertainties of weather on such adventures, it’s advisable to plan additional days in Martinique or join our one-week holiday cruise through the southern Antilles. This cruise is specifically scheduled for one week. At least it makes sense to keep the return flight flexible.

Our meeting point is Mindelo on the island of Sao Vincente. To get there, take an international flight to Sal and then a budget regional flight to Mindelo. The departure is from Martinique (Fort de France), where the international airport is located. The best flight connections often go through Paris, as Martinique is part of France and an EU member.


2nd December – 9th December: Island Hopping: Dream bays of the southern Lesser Antilles (Martinique – St. Lucia – St. Vincent)
Explore the most beautiful bays of the classic Caribbean islands – white sandy beaches against breathtaking mountain peaks that can also be climbed. Enjoy leisurely sailing from bay to bay on a fast and thrilling reaching course.
This trip can be combined with the subsequent journey to the Grenadines (Tobago Keys). Arrival in Martinique / Fort de France and departure from St Vincent, the main island of the Grenadines with a larger airport. Choosing international flights, for example, to Martinique allows for a cost-effective return flight from St Vincent to Martinique with Air Caribe.

9th December – 23rd December: Grenadines – Postcard-perfect islets in the turquoise Caribbean Sea (Start and Endpoint St. Vincent)
The Grenadines / Tobago Keys are the epitome of Caribbean postcard islands. Here, you can snorkel with turtles, harvest coconuts from palm trees, catch lobsters, and kite surf between the islets in the atoll. Bequia and Union Island, in particular, evoke the true Caribbean feeling. Arrival and departure in St. Vincent, the main island with an international airport.

23rd December – 6th January: Crossing the Caribbean Sea and island hopping on the ABC Islands (St. Vincent – Bonaire – Curaçao – Aruba) – 500nm
We cross half of the Caribbean Sea and after 4 days at sea, reach the diver’s paradise Bonaire, perfect for kite surfing and freediving. Next stop is Curaçao with dream snorkeling spots and interesting island excursions. Finally, visit Aruba, the third of the former Dutch ABC Islands, with beautiful freedive spots and white beaches offering excellent kite possibilities. Arrival in St. Vincent, departure from Aruba.

6th January – 20th January: Colombia – rarely visited Caribbean gem: Aruba – Colombia (Cabo de la Vela, Santa Marta, Cartagena) – 360nm
Cross the second half of the Caribbean Sea on this journey. Sail 370 miles, anticipating a swift ride with strong tailwinds. Colombia has been considered a safe area for sailors for a decade, and we’ll visit Cabo De la Vela, a top kite spot, as well as the colonial cities of Santa Marta and Cartagena.
Arrival in Aruba, departure from Cartagena (Colombia)

20th January – 3rd February: Island paradise San Blas: Colombia (Cartagena) to Panama (San Blas, Portobelo) – 260nm
In addition to island hopping, this trip offers the chance to experience a short offshore passage. Covering 260nm in about 2 sailing days, we reach the island paradise San Blas from Cartagena, featuring over 300 postcard-perfect islets. While belonging to Panama, the San Blas Islands are still autonomously managed by the Kuna Indians. Experience the deep jungle by dinghy, enjoy snorkeling with remarkably rich marine life, and explore Indian villages. Arrival in Colombia (Cartagena), departure from Portobelo to Panama City. International flights are best arranged to and from Panama City. Consider a budget-friendly shuttle flight (approx. $100) with Copa Airlines to Cartagena for the arrival.
3rd February – 17th February: Islandhoping – Island paradise San Blas (In and out of Portobelo – Panama)
From Portobelo (Panama), reach the island paradise San Blas with over 300 postcard-perfect islets. Although part of Panama, the San Blas Islands are still autonomously managed by the Kuna Indians. Experience the deep jungle by dinghy, enjoy snorkeling with remarkably rich marine life, and explore Indian villages. Arrival and departure from Portobelo via Panama City, cost-effectively by bus or shared taxi. International flights are best arranged to and from Panama City.

17th February – 3rd March: Panama (Portobelo) via San Blas and islands San Andres and Providencia to Roatan (Bay Islands, Honduras) – 790nm
This journey offers a wide range of impressions. The trip starts by sailing to the San Blas Islands, where you can visit a small Indian village with good freediving. The approximately 800nm offshore stretch on different courses (first reaching, later a pleasant downwind is enhanced with stops on the islands Providencia and San Andres. These islands, in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, belong to Colombia and are almost untouched by international tourism, offering beautiful dive and kite spots. Depending on progress, there will be time in Roatan, with its northern coast being a freediving dream with numerous caves, canyons, and abundant marine life. Flights are best booked via the USA (Atlanta or Miami), which offers convenient connections to both Panama City (arrival) and Roatan (departure).

3rd March – 17th March: Island hopping Bay Islands, Honduras – (Roatan – Utila – Roatan)
Island hopping and exploring the Bay Islands, a diver’s paradise with the typical Caribbean island atmosphere featuring palm-fringed beaches and jungle along with charming fishing villages.
The islands are surrounded by numerous easily accessible freedive spots by boat. Expect numerous caves, canyons, wrecks, and an intact reef landscape that is particularly well-preserved. Flights are best booked via the USA (Atlanta or Miami), which offers affordable connections to Roatan.

17th March – 31st March: Island hopping on the Bay Islands (Roatan) to Guatemala (Livingston, Gatun Lake, Rio Dulce)
An absolute adventure is the sailing journey to Rio Dulce through the river winding through a colossal canyon in the jungle and the adjacent Gatun Lake, where we sail 70nm inland. With some luck, you might spot manatees or visit waterfalls with hot springs along the way. Before this, there’s ample time to snorkel on the Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila or enjoy the beautiful Caribbean beaches. For those with extra time after the sailing trip, visiting pyramids, exploring the colonial city of Antigua, or climbing one of the over 3000m high volcanoes is possible. Flights are best booked via the USA (Atlanta or Miami), which offers affordable connections to Roatan (arrival) or Guatemala City (departure).