Cost & Cruising Kitty

How does the shopping / cruising kitty work? Do I have additional costs?


On Wild Too we like to leave the provisioning up to the crew. Therefore I no longer organize a cruising kitty. The crew sets up a cruising kitty for themselves and manages the cooking and shopping. The skipper and Stephie if she visits goes free. We assist if needed. That way we hope to get the many different preferences food-wise sorted out. If less than 3 crew joining and if the crew wishes we can do as on Wild One with a 60e/person cruising kitty and we do the basic provisioning for you.


I pay the fuel. No costs for you on that side.

Clearance Fees, Visa:

If we arrive in a new country costs like visa, custom or clearance fees will be split amongst the crew and paid from the cruising kitty. They change from country to country and are normally not more than 30e / person, in the more developed countries no fees at all.

Marina fees:

Generally we try to avoid marinas and prefer nice anchorages although we can visit marinas if the crew decides or if local regulations require it. (Sometimes for check in or out or in natural parks or for safety reasons.) In this case its paid from the cruising kitty.